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New Course: The Art of Molecular Beam Epitaxy (029:225)

New Course: The Art of Molecular Beam Epitaxy (029:225)

Course description:  This course will review the science and technology of molecular beam epitaxy growth with an experimental emphasis.  We will cover such topics as the theory of X-ray diffraction measurements, including symmetric and asymmetric scans, reciprocal space mapping,  calculation of strain and relaxation of a crystal from X-ray measurement, and simulation of X-ray scans; determination of an epilayer critical thickness; measurement techniques and analysis of different types of surface, bulk, and interface defects; determination of true V/III ratios and stoichiometric growth conditions in binary, ternary, and quaternary semiconductors; numerical calculation of bandgaps, bandoffsets and chemical potential in semiconductor heterostructures; Vegard’s Law; RHEED analysis; K-cell design, theory, and operation;  ultrahigh vacuum techniques; remote temperature measurements; and designing and writing growth programs.  This course will meet once a week.  Homework will consist of readings in preparation for class.  Student’s will each lead one discussion on an additional relevant topic. This course is suitable for graduate students or advanced undergraduates.  There will be no exams.  The course will be pass-fail for all students.

Course time:  Tue, 11-11:50 am

Course location:  IATL Gehry room

Course credit:  1 sem hr

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