The University of Iowa


Optical Science and
Technology Center

OSTC Seminar "Ultrafast Optical Signal Processing using Space-time Duality”"

James Van Howe

Associate Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy,
Augustana College

Abstract  Space-time duality in ultrafast optics refers to the analogy between narrowband dispersion and paraxial diff raction. Essentially one can transfer the mathematical machinery and experimental knowledge of
diff ractive optical systems and components such as lenses, prisms, gratings, and holograms to develop temporal counterparts: time-lenses, time-prisms, temporal-gratings, and time-holograms. Recently,
these temporal analogs of spatial optical systems have been extremely useful for designing photonic devices such as delay lines, pulse-compressors, analog-to-digital converters, repetition rate multipliers
and dividers, signal regenerators, noise-suppressors, amplifi ers, and even temporal cloaks. In this presentation I will review my own work using time-lenses, time-prisms, and the temporal Talbot eff ect for
developing photonic instrumentation as well as review other current trends in optical signal processing using space-time duality.

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