Optical Science and
Technology Center

Molecular Beam Epitaxy Facility

The molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) is located in the Iowa Advanced Technology Labs (IATL), and is part of the Optical Science and Technology Center (OSTC).  This facility is focused on the growth of Group III-V compound semiconductors such as GaAs, GaSb, InAs, AlAs, AlSb, and related alloys.  The facility consists of two carefully maintained, state-of-the-art growth chambers: a Veeco EPI930 for growth on up 3” wafers, and a Gen20 for growth on up to 4” wafers.  An ISO Class 5 clean room space is used for wafer handling and loading into the MBEs.  Liquid nitrogen is delivered to both systems via a dedicated 6,000 gallon liquid nitrogen tank located outside the building.  If you are interested in growing or having III-V semiconductor heterostructures grown, please contact Professor John Prineas (john-prineas@uiowa.edu).

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