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UIMF is now a member of the Northern Nano Lab Alliance (NNLA)

Friday, February 10, 2017

The UIMF is now officially a member in the Northern Nano Lab Alliance (NNLA).


The National Science Foundation’s National Nano Coordinated Infrastructure Program (NNCI) ( has set up a network of nodes to support nano-related research and education. Headquartered at the University of Minnesota (UMN), the Midwest Infrastructure Corridor (MINIC) is one of those nodes.

MINIC has national reach, supporting work in Nano-bio, 2D materials, and other emerging fields. In addition, MINIC also has a responsibility to support and enable other nano and micro fabrication labs in the Upper Midwest. In order to accomplish this latter goal MINIC has created the Northern Nano Lab Alliance (NNLA).

Currently, made up of eight labs including the UIMF, this organization meets regularly to share best practices, develop new methods to improve lab operations and also, improve facility user experience and training.

MINIC is pleased to announce a new Training Grant Program to members of the NNLA. This program is intended to train researchers and provide low-cost access to tools that are not available at their home labs. This may be used to enable various research projects or to provide participants with desirable skills. The conditions for access are laid out as follows:

  • Open only to researchers at participating NNLA institutions
  • Limit of two tools per year per researcher
  • Restricted to tools not available at the home institution (UI)
  • Users must register as NNCI user

Since the UIMF is a member of the NNLA, UIMF users will be provided access to the UMN Nano Center at 50 % of the current UMN academic rate and is limited to $1500 per year per participant. Participants are encouraged to carry out the processing work during a visit to maximize the training experience but samples may also be shipped for certain process types.


Please contact the UIMF Director Aju Jugessur (, if you would like to make use of this service.